Information on getting Sierra Leone citizenship

In 2021, the Sierra Leone Government has created a path to Sierra Leonean citizenship for African Americans who have traced their DNA Heritage to Sierra Leone. What follows is the guideline as shared by the Monuments and Relics Sierra Leone. As a certified Tour Operator in Sierra Leone, we can assist with the process in addition to providing a life changing experience through one of our tours tailored especially for our African-American brothers and sisters.



All applicants for African diaspora accession of citizenship MUST go through a certified local tour
operator in Sierra Leone. A list of the certified Tour Operators is published on the following websites:,,

1. A Letter of Request should be addressed to the Government of Sierra Leone through the Monuments and
Relics Commission indicating intent on the subject matter. The letter should include your full name as
indicated on your passport, current street address, phone number and e-mail address.

2. Proof of descent to Sierra Leone should be done to prove either Maternal or Paternal lineage. (please
note that this should be done from either African Ancestry Inc. – – or any other DNA
company that explicitly state maternal or paternal lineage.) A copy of the result kit report and certificate of
ancestry must be submitted.

3. Live birth certificate and proof of change of name on live birth certificate where applicable.

4. Bio data page of present citizenship passport.

5. References (at least 2): Each applicant must submit a notarized reference letter from a person of high
reputation from their State of Residence. (Eg: Personal Lawyers, Primary Care Physician, Banker, Employer
or Educational Institution).

6. Each applicant MUST submit a Certified State and Federal Police Report. The government will do a
thorough background check of all applicants.

7. The government will also check the authenticity of the African Ancestry, Inc. Certificate or any other
certificate submitted.

8. It is mandatory for all applicants to be in Sierra Leone at least 5 days before the slated date for citizenship
conferment for finger printing, immigration interviews and other administrative processes. Applicants are
also mandated to attend a day’s Heritage/Civic Education and Business/Investment Workshop. All
applicants must pay One Million Leone ($ 100) as fees for the Heritage/Civic Education and
Business/Investment Workshop. Tour Operators are reminded to include this in their cost.

9. With the above cleared, a request will be made by Monuments and Relics Commission to the Immigration
department for onward passport processing via the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

10.Conferment would be done on a date around April 27 2022

11. An Oath of allegiance to the country would be done in front of the President during the conferment